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Welcome!!! You have come upon a website dedicated to nothing less than... ENLIGHTENMENT through forgiveness: Constant Peace, Happiness, & Freedom!

We have dedicated our hearts to learning complete forgiveness and remembering God.

Enlightenment can be reached through holy relationship, whereby two or more gather in the Name of God for the glory of God. Separate interests are laid aside when the devotion to forgiveness and joining is desired above all else. "Seek and ye shall find" and "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" are statements of destiny. All of the streams and rivers of consciousness must eventually arrive at the ocean of Self and God!

The time has come to awaken from the dream of fear and guilt. The time for words and concepts is almost over. Now we seek direct experience of the Love of God. We gladly lay aside techniques and repetitions and rituals, that we may come to experience the still Reality within us. We claim the peace and happiness and love that is our Inheritance, and we come with empty hands and open arms to receive and give the blessed miracles given us to share.

As we look around we see that mighty companions have gathered beside us for this joyous ascent to Reality. A friend's a friend forever in the Spirit of Love. The welcome never ends, for those who walk this Way see their brothers and sisters as themselves. The holy relationship has at last come into awareness, blessing everyone and everything. The blanket of peace has spread across the face of the earth. Tranquility and Grace are accepted!

There is nothing left to do but celebrate, rejoice, bless, and remember to laugh at the falsity we once took so seriously. All the trinkets of the world that once caught our eyes and ears are valueless before the vastness of this present experience. All ambition and striving for future goals has vanished, replaced by the contentedness of life in God. All curiosity about the world and its ways has ended. All things are exactly as they are meant to be, and acceptance of healing has replaced the insane desire to exchange or control illusions. Illusions having been unveiled, now the Silence of our heart calls to us.

Prayer is the medium of staying in contact, and we pray unceasingly. If you wish to contact us by phone, letter, e-mail, at the door, or in thought, please know that we would love to hear from you! We travel from time to time and always enjoy receiving visitors. Additional information in the form of journals and cassette tapes on removing the obstacles to truth from one's mind and awakening to Joy are available upon request. The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is supported entirely through donations and the love offerings we receive. When Enlightenment is deeply desired, the means are always provided. God has a Plan, and when we step forward to do our part, happiness is inevitable. GOD'S WILL FOR ALL OF US IS PERFECT HAPPINESS! Please join us in the prayer that healing and love have replaced all hurt and grievances, for what God created as One, cannot be separate and apart.

In Peace and Love,


The name "Messengers of Peace" has been used for many years as representing the gatherings, retreats, talks, journals, audio cassettes, and videotapes, all of which promote teachings on forgiveness and laying aside judgment. The teachings encourage true forgiveness (changing one's mind about the world, seeing illusion as illusion, and accepting the Oneness of Divine Mind as the Reality of Inner Peace). Enlightenment is the experience of constant peace, happiness, love, joy, & freedom. The Foundation for the Awakening Mind (FFTAM) was incorporated in 1999 in Delaware as a nonprofit corporation. The Foundation has 501 (c)3 tax exempt status as a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching and learning true forgiveness and living a life of inner peace. If you wish to make a donation, please make your check payable to: "Foundation for the Awakening Mind" and mail to: Foundation for the Awakening Mind, PO Box 789 Kamas, UT 84036. You can also donate online via PayPal by Clicking Here. Thank you and God Bless you.

Call us at: 435-783-4636

God Bless.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind

David will address questions that are raised online at:

Awakening Mind (awakeninginchrist) Yahoo Group (archives & mailing list). Come join in!

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Forever and Eternally

There lives a Glorious Spirit

An All-Loving, All-Powerful, and All-Wise Being:

The Name is I AM THAT I AM or God

And I AM THAT I AM Extends or Creates Infinitely

Giving All Love, All Power, and All Wisdom

Extending Unending Gifts to Creation:

The Name is I AM or Christ

God and Christ

Dance a Holy Dance

And sing a Holy Song

Being at Peace

Extending in Joy

For Happily Their Will is One

Once upon an illusion of time

Just a tiny tick at most

An idea seemed to enter the Christ Mind

But was instantly Answered by the Holy Ghost

For God knows only Creation

And God is beyond a shadow of doubt

And thus the Holy Ghost represented God

To a mind that for an instant had seemed to doubt

Within that instant time seemed to arise

An illusion of mind apart and afraid

An alien emotion of fear imagined

Yet the Truth of Love the Holy Ghost "Saved"

Within the gap that seemed to be

The past seems to repeat itself

A belief in separation and linear time

Perpetuates a false sense of self

Within the gap of dreaming time

A cosmos seemed to form

And to defend against Awakening

A body identity became the "norm"

The cosmos that seemed to be projected

Within the gap of doubt in mind

Was used to hide the Vision of Christ

Five senses made to keep mind blind

The deception can seem very real

When pleasures and attack are sought and "found"

The false self needs senses and defenses

The Holy Ghost offers a turn around

Though it can seem like quite a while

Within the circular spell of time

An illusion of identity in bodies

Could never substitute for One Whole Mind

This story is a Happy One

The past came to an abrupt end

For the tiny doubt was Answered forever

And never can arise again

Yes with the Holy Ghost as Guide

The sleeping mind is Now Awake!

Thank You for your Being Christ

Love is Forever Mind Awake

Good news, good cheer!

To whoever has the ears to hear

The Kingdom of Heaven is Here!

Remembrance of I AM THAT I AM is very dear

And though it seemed a world of dreams

In darkness did arise

Now in the Light Love is Revealed

An "opposite" to Love was but a lie

God and Christ

Dance a Holy Dance

And sing a Holy Song

Being at Peace

Extending in Joy

For Happily Their Will is One

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind

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